Renovated bathrooms can maximise your lifestyle at home, along with kitchens, they sell houses. Once you decide to renovate your bathroom, the work begins with the planning to complete the project within a set budget. The true cost of a renovation can be the undoing of many bathrooms with lack of foresight in design and project management. Poor planning can contribute to extra costs blowing out the budget.


Costs of bathroom renovations

Your budget can determine what type of renovation you will get. We discuss the types of revamps below to give you an idea of what renovations can be afforded and what will suit your end goal.

Cosmetic renovation

You could plan to minimally update your bathroom. A cosmetic renovation is often the first resort when money is tight or when a plan for a full renovation is still a few years away.

The best option is to keep the bathroom layout the same but update the space with the new fixtures, such as a basin, vanity or toilet. Painting over tiles or bathroom walls are an option, also, if the budget can stretch and the space is ideal – retiling over existing tiles is perfect for a cosmetic makeover.

The cost of a cosmetic renovation can vary but may fall between $1,000 and $8,000. The fittings and fixtures you choose to install have a large influence on the final cost.

Budget renovation

Keeping the plumbing and electrical services in the same position can save you time and money, keeping your renovation within budget. In a budget bathroom renovation, the existing fixtures and taps are disconnected, the wall and floor surfaces are removed and pared back to an empty room.

A new waterproof membrane is set, new tiles are laid, and fixtures and taps are installed. A renovation like this could cost from $10,000 up to $25,000, varying on the size of your bathroom as well as the tiles and fixtures that are selected.

Standard renovation

From demolition to removal and erecting of walls, a standard bathroom renovation can offer greater flexibility with design you want to achieve within the budget you have set. The plumbing and electrical work can be reconfigured for a new design.

This type of renovation can be far more labour intensive, increasing the length of time and cost on the completed bathroom. Using a business such as us that provides plumbing, electrical, building and tiling can help the project stick to time frames and budget.

A standard renovation can start from $25,000. It could also be less depending on the size of the bathroom.


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