Take a look and see how easy it is to update your Adelaide bathroom to give you that fresh feeling even in those brisk winter mornings. Through splashes of colour or letting styles take shape, you will see how little updates can breathe new life into your bathroom. When your happy with the current functionality and overall design of your Adelaide bathroom but want to keep the space fresh and in trend the next few style changes could be perfect. 

Add some colour

A simple update of taps, accessories or showers can improve the longevity of your bathroom. With matte black to rose gold, and brushed nickel to gold now is the perfect time to create a large affect with minimal effort. Australian and world-renowned brands are adding these colour ways to many different styles they are producing, giving you the perfect chance to realise your unique taste and express your personality with these simple statement pieces.

Jose Soriano photographed these brushed nickle style taps featured on the bathtub. A simple update of taps can come with that breathtaking finish. 

Use shapes to change perspective

The simple updates don’t just end with new colours, its time we start playing with new shapes. Tap ware, basins and shower fixtures have been freshly updated through sleek design and versatility. Keeping your bathroom fresh this winter can be a simple fix when you focus on colour and shapes of your fittings, they can become your bathrooms statement pieces.

Maria Petroff photographed our new renovation in Gilberton to show of the stunning shapes that are  rare and unique in modern remodels.

Provide a higher level of hygiene

In the winter season, family hygiene is very important and the best place to start practicing this is the bathroom. It can be a challenge to keep the bathroom clean but with new rimless technology, the new standard in toilets, it can be a little easier.

As the name suggests, rimless toilets flush without the need for a rim within the pan. Eliminating the build up of gems and bacteria in the hard to reach areas. Enjoy a much safer experience this winter with a cleaner more hygienic toilet suite this winter.

Thin-edge design

Something a little different is the hot trend of thin-edged design and it has been making waves across Australia’s bathrooms. Providing an overall minimalist aesthetic and cleaner lines, people are baths and basins of this new style to their designs.

One way to refresh your Adelaide bathroom could be to update one or two of the larger, chunkier features – create the illusion of space with the weightless aesthetic of thin-edged design without compromising on quality. Much like our completed renovation in Fullarton with a statement feature thin edged bath tub.

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