Whether you need to revamp your Adelaide bathroom or are looking at an extensive home remodel, that overwhelming feeling rarely differs. Don’t second guess your home improvements, from the beginning, having a solid design plan you’ll be prepared for the rollercoaster of renovation. Focus on the essentials and you will achieve a dream renovation – keeping the difficulties to a minimum.

Focus on the essentials – Layout!

Make the layout of your new room or renovation the priority. With the wrong layout the lack of planning becomes obvious at the design and décor choices aren’t enough to rescue the failing functionality of the space. Have a positive impact on overall design with layout plan for a home for your family, not just the modern features of a showhome.
Don’t worry, we will get to choose from the latest tapware and shower heads soon. Get your plan right from the start, trust me.

Achieve the perfect layout

To help design your dream layout start to think about the space and how it fits into your Adelaide home. Question whether surrounding spaces flow seamlessly, take note of the transitions and see how it feels walking from room to room – trust your gut!
It’s no secret that well-planned and laid out designs allow the house to flow. Your layout design plan should account for the physical relationship between walls and individual furniture, fixtures and fittings in the space. Keep this in mind when planning your layout.

Questions to ask when planning

Taking your first steps to plan your Adelaide renovation should spot light layout and product placement, however, there are other essentials to ask yourself that produces successful bathroom renovations:
Why are you renovating? Is it, take full advantage of your home’s selling potential, improving your lifestyle or accommodating for a growing family.
What’s your budget? It’s important to set out your budget from the beginning, allowing for design decisions without straining the finances.
Will you hire professionals? DIY is fine, but for quality assurance, employing experienced and licensed renovators that will complete your job on time and to budget

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