If you have a very small bathroom, trying to fit everything in the space available is like doing an enormous crossword puzzle. Small Bathroom Renovations are a tricky job. It requires both creativity and management even in case of simple bathroom designs.

Among the challenges: configuring the toilet and sink, allowing enough clearance for a shower and, certainly, where to put the towels and toothpaste. In spite of the challenges, in most cases, it is still better to squeeze in an extra bathroom when one is desperately needed, even if it must be very small. If you plan on going on this route, the following are tips for Small Bathroom Renovations:

• Install a corner sink: Sometimes even a pedestal sink might disrupt the only available traffic path in a bathroom. In such a case, placing a corner sink across from the toilet is a better option than a sink across from the shower. Usually, the opening and closing of the shower door produce an awkward walk-around condition.

• Use a shower curtain: A shower curtain that motions back and forth saves space over a glass door which moves in and out. Shower-tub combos are awesome for bathroom designs for small spaces, with a few tubs coming in at ‘60 inches’ in length.

Small Bathroom Renovations

• Float the vanity: Besides just visually helping the bathroom appear bigger, mounting a vanity is an important aspect of Small Bathroom Renovations. When a vanity in installing above the floor, it frees up a little amount of space for small items.

• Round the vanity: Tight spaces can create sharp corners hip hazards. If the corners of a vanity get in the way, opt for a rounded style. A round vanity can work well in a square space. No more, bruised hips!

• Extend the counter over the toilet: This banjo-style arrangement could be done with stone or a wooden slab. The extended counter creates enough space for a few essential items. Toilet placement is not impacted, and the look is minimalist & clean.

• Use a large-scale pattern for Small Bathroom Renovations: A large-scale pattern, like this broad stripe, can trick the eye into seeing long-drawn-out space. The square footage may stay the same, but your bathroom will feel bigger.

• Skip the shower door: If your bathroom is about ‘5 feet’ wide, that is just enough space to squeeze in a toilet and a ‘30- by 60-inch’ tub. With tight conditions such as the above, consider a glass panel in place of a glass shower door. It will keep the maximum amount of water in the shower and free up the needed elbow room.

• Expand the mirror: In the tightest spaces, keeping a mirror stretch across the wall in place of just the vanity will enable two people to use it at once. This is a good option while carrying out Small Bathroom Renovations. In such less-than-ideal space conditions, every inch benefits a great deal.

• Mount the towel bar on a door: When space is at a minimum, the mounting of a towel bar on the shower door keeps the towels handy. You might have to store the bulk of the towels in a nearby linen closet, however having that one towel handy and close by to dry off with is really important.

• Install a trough sink during Small Bathroom Renovations: The narrow, clean styling of a trough sink is an attractive space solution. Trough sinks hold a low profile. When wall mounted, they free up your floor space as well for storage or walking space.

• Select a vanity with one single shelf: Pedestal design has gotten smarter and more productive. Even a pedestal style with one single shelf can hold towels or a container for toilet paper.

• Use a wall-mounted faucet: Mounting a faucet on the wall allows you the space for a narrower sink or vanity that in turn frees up square footage in the entire bathroom. Do not be afraid to try out a wall-mounted faucet in a conventional design. It works great in Small Bathroom Renovations!

Let us say you are remodeling your bathroom. And you dream of a gigantic, spacious bathroom, but due to the scarcity of space that is not being able to happen. What to do? Sometimes, you have just got to work with the space that you have got. Fortunately, we have got some amazing ideas for your small bathroom that will help you save space and still make your bathroom look beautiful and attractive.

Following are some ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations:

• Mirrored cabinets: Mirrored medicine cabinets are not all a new concept. A mirrored cabinet extends the length of your vanity and helps you to visually expand the bathroom.

• Mirrored walls: These seem a little trippy but make a bathroom a lot more spacious!

• Wall-hung toilet: With a wall-hung toilet, the tank part is recessed into the wall that can save a few valuable inches in a small bathroom space.

• Frameless glass door: This is a fine idea in case of Small Bathroom Renovations. In place of a curb and a typical shower door, you should try a frameless glass door and a shower door without a curb. Not having walls around the shower would save a little bit of bathroom space, but the big gain would be visual — the shower would seem to disappear, making your small bathroom appear much larger! If you have less than 5 feet of clearance but still wish to have a bathtub, do not despair. Plenty of manufacturers make tubs in sizes small than 60 inches. Also, a glass panel is able to block the spray from the shower, and take up less visual space as compared to a shower curtain & rod.

• Fitting Shelves while executing Small Bathroom Renovations: And finally, here is a clever small bathroom solution. Shelves fitted into a corner, next to the toilet, provide you with a lot of storage in a little amount of space.

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