Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean that it cannot be renovated into a light airy space which will feel luxurious. Depending on your budget there are various ways to carry out Small Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide.

Paint is the cheapest & most effective way to make a dramatic change to any space. You should stay away from the darker colours & instead choose a light colour or white for a small room. Selecting these colours will make the room appear larger and more open. You can still make use of bright, bold, and darker colours for accent pieces or for the bathroom linens during your renovation. In a small space too much clutter might make one feel claustrophobic, so clear it out. You will be amazed at what it’ll do for your space.

Small Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

Updating your mirror & light fixtures is a part of Small Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide. Often the bathroom counter is so small that upgrading it to a more contemporary and upscale material like corian, granite, or tile is both reasonably priced and easy to do. If your budget allows for novel fixtures then wall mounted sinks & cabinets allow for great storage options & free up floor space. A shower stall rather than a full bath will provide a lot more room in a small bathroom.

Larger tiles on the floor & in-shower stalls are great ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide. Thin grout lines in a light colour help complete the look. A lighter colour on the floor will make the room seem larger.

Finally, you will be able to accessorize your bathroom with your novel colour scheme. Simple wall hangings like family pictures and framed artwork can decorate the walls in whatever colours you have chosen. Novel towels, bath rugs, and shower curtains can tie everything together. Other accessories like toothbrush holders, towel racks, and soap dishes can accomplish the look. Using curtains or blinds that allow in a lot of natural light can aid the room feel airy & open while maintaining privacy. A nice smelling candle in an accent colour can be useful for those relaxing baths & adds a nice touch to the room.

Small Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide can be fairly easy & little touches go a long way. Many of the renovations can be done by the homeowner & can cost very little. More extensive renovations have to be done by a remodeling contractor & should be fairly reasonably priced for a small space. Enjoy your novel space!

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