Adelaide Bathroom Renovations’ Process

Day 1
Once we have access to the area – bathroom will be stripped according to the job requirements, the underfloor drains and copper work begin.

Day 2
The laying of new concrete follows the completion of the underfloor drains and copper work commenced in Day 1.

Day 3
The walls are then screeded and rendered followed by the screeding and rendering of the floor.
In further detail, if the bathroom is brick, our technicians will render.
However if the bathroom is gyprock, our technicians will replace the sheeting.

Day 4
Bathroom will be ready for waterproofing, allowing 24hours for drying time.

Day 5
Begin Tilling. We can allow more time for the drying of the waterproofing if necessary.

Day 6
Continue tilling. Continuing the allowance for drying time.

Day 7
Complete tilling. (Drying time)

Day 8
Grout and silicone over the tiles and throughout the bathroom. (Drying time)

Day 9
Second fix begins and completes the process of the bathroom renovation. The installations include sanitary ware, cornices and electrical.

Day 10
The new renovated bathroom is given its final clean and final touches before being presented to our clients.

*Time layout is based on an average bathroom. It may depend on the design and times we are granted access to the space.