If you are in the mood for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide, inspired by makeover stories of your friends and see on TV, but your budget is a constraint, DIY can be an option. Whether you’re planning a half bath makeover, pine for a spa-like retreat at home, or want modest updates to refresh a space, there are many aspects of a bathroom makeover that you can learn to do yourself. Learn the upgrades that you can do, and what tasks you should consider hiring out to a professional expert.

Updating vanity for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

Designer vanity or sink tops may seem easier to replace than repair, but if budget is a concern, there are easy DIY substitutes to keep in mind. You can buy a new, modern sink top to fit the existing base, while the top is removed, update it with paint or gel stain, which stain is a personal favorite for transforming the look of basic builder oak, and it’s easy to apply. If the style of the bevels and trim on the doors doesn’t match your style, you can get replacement doors and drawer fronts to size. Most units have standard size fronts, which makes them easy to replace.

Tiling walls for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

Lots of people choose to hire experts for new wall tile work, but it’s a pretty easy process if you’re patient. If you’re tiling in an area that isn’t prone to be drenched in H2O (like the wall over your sink, or an accent wall that isn’t in the shower, you’ll be safe to apply the tile with mastic directly over the drywall, and grout as usual. If you’re tiling a shower, you’re better off going all the way down to the studs, adding a sealed vapour barrier to prevent moisture from travelling to the studs (mould!) and then topping the vapour barrier with cement board. Seal the joints in the board and then tile directly over the cement board with mortar, and then top with grout.

New Bathroom Renovation Adelaide

Hardware and accessory swaps for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

Manufacturers have made it easy for homeowners to update faucets, in the form of a whirl. You’ll need to know the basics of turning off and disconnecting the water, and have wrenches to tighten the new faucet. When it comes to replacing towel racks, have a lightweight joint compound and a spackle knife on hand to fill holes and touch up the paint after 24 hours. It’s easy to add wall hooks for robes, and if you can’t place screws into a stud, use wall anchors in the drywall. Update the look of a cabinet with a simple knob and drawer pull swap.

Replace an exhaust fan for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

If your existing fan has broken down or is energy inefficient, or you have decided to upgrade to a modern, quieter, & efficient model, it’s as easy as turning off the electrical equipment & removing it, followed by choosing a replacement of the same size and installing it to the existing vent pipe. These are some of the most affordable ways of renovation instead of complete Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide.

Update a shower head for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

Replace an old shower head with the latest state of art high-efficiency with the snazzy shower head and pulse settings. The shower heads screw on and off the pipe that emerges from the wall, and all you’ll need is a short piece of thread seal tape. The tape helps create a tight water seal at the connection.

Update lighting for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

If you are updating existing lighting fixtures, then it is an easy DIY project. Replace an outdated sconce with new state of the art designs, or insufficient over-the-sink lights with a fixture with more bulbs. You can gain efficiency by using LED bulbs, but in our experience, in places like sink or beside a mirror where brightness matters, CFL bulbs off put better light apart from being efficient. We also know that the brightness that is not irritating to elderly is the perfect one of everyone.

Paint: is a way to transform a bathroom. You can opt for a semi-gloss finish. High gloss paint is fine too, but satin and anything more matte won’t perform as well in a moist and humid environment.

Swap a toilet for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

Know how to turn off the water in the toilet, and ensure the tank is emptied before removal. You need a new wax ring to seal the plumbing, and some muscles to lift and position the porcelain throne. We never caulk around the base of a toilet because it’s one of the first places you’ll notice leaks when a toilet isn’t fitted properly, though caulking is sometimes advised as in some areas it’s even required to be up to the code. Avoid caulking for the next 24-hours so that you can monitor for leaks in the new wax seal.

Window Treatments for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

We are not a huge fan of curtains, but a clean-lined valence paired with a set of blinds is a nice look when you need privacy. Blinds can be custom cut to width and installed in a pinch. If you are renovating for extra privacy, apply a contact paper to the window to let in light while obscuring visibility into the bathroom.

Installing a mirror

A decorative mirror is likely to come with hooks, but a flat-mount unframed mirror is a great look too. Use mirror clips in all four corners, and a healthy dose of mirror adhesive on the backside of the mirror. This is one of the best ways to renovate bathrooms economically. We are considered as one of the bathroom renovation cost estimator Australia.

Tiling floors for New Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide

Design for a floor remodels with patience, as it can be done, but will require more planning and time investment. If there’s existing tile on the ground, it would need to be removed, and the subfloor will likely need to be replaced and levelled. You will need to remove the toilet and vanity to tile beneath them, and unlike tiling, the wall behind your sink, installing grouted floor tiles will put your bathroom out of commission for several days. If you are looking for bathroom showrooms in Adelaide, then look no further. Contact us now.