Every year, people are always in a race to release the next big trends for home interiors. We think its time to slow down and enjoy the first big interior design predictions of the new decade. It would be ‘brown’ of you not too.

If it wasn’t made clear, design and styling is now entering a stage of brown, they say it is “as a collection of multiple warm shades that range from new neutrals to the deepest of midnight browns”.  This is due to become the dominant tonal influence in fashion, home decor, fabrics, homewares and architecture.

The natural, grounded brown tones are fast becoming a reliable colour correction after a decade-long hit of greys and concrete. Brown softens the contrast between shapes and colours and the world around us, its warmer tone is everything which our society craves.

Vibrant Greens

From all perspectives of interior design vibrant greens will be favoured in the 2020/21 cycle. Found in office furniture, on tabletops, khaki textiles and softer olive fabrics – vibrant greens were forecasted a year or so ago to be the next colour we use as a big part of design in all areas.

From pastel greens to a darker, vibrant palette we see the influence of a new organic aesthetic drawn in by earthy colours to signal the start of “21st century morality” in our designs as there is a powerful and respect being shown to our planet.

Vibrant green styling for your bathroom

Our Planet

We see this time as an opportunity for designers and architects to act towards nature and critically preserve and reverence in their designs. Through products that are re-purposed purely on how the individual views the world around them. Although many of them are being globally tried and tested, they are all truly revolutionary.

The unique patterns created by the lace grown by roots are being used as a design piece. Pushing the realms of design and engineering as seaweed is being used as architectural sheaths and newspaper pulp turned into cocooning seating and designer lamps.

Paper designer light shade

Brown isn’t all we can see

Of course, no trend becomes absolute and while the brown/green line will be in the foreground of design, there are more hues and subtle colour progressions in the mix.

For the coming seasons, we’re tracking a wave of new colour including a full range of murky pastels.

Colour is just one of the aspects the top trend forecasters consider. Other emerging trend streams include stronger use of certain materials, ceramic shapes and fabric finishes. There will be tactility in almost everything we find in our homes and that starts now with chunkier ceramics, unruly glass and concrete, textured fabrics and plastics (recycled or recyclable).

Patterns laced by the roots of plants

How it will shape in our home

We talk about these movements in design just to help on the decision what colour to paint a room but more so to find the perfect balance of how we occupy our homes. As the future of house layouts take shape, we see the kitchen and bathroom growing in their continued evolution.

Kitchens are even more the epicentre of households, with the world realising the culture of food brings us closer than rarely anything else. Therefore, our kitchens will become larger with more sophisticated finishes, chef-quality appliances and highly aesthetic accessories.

Adelaide bathrooms will become ever more spa-like. With selfcare and personal growth becoming a part of morning regimes, the bathroom is where you should feel your most calm before taking on the day or turning in for the night.


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