We have seen some exciting designs and trends as our clients have been remodeling their wet spaces and our excitement only elevates when we think about the summer months we are arriving into now. The summer periods can often turn trends upside down as it leads us into a new year; much like the Australian summer our predicted trends are ready to have a bit of fun while focusing on bettering you.

Although some trends below may seem contradictive, we believe there are no rules to a trend, often trends are exactly what they mean (possibly just a fad) and may not be around forever and that is something you should keep in mind. Finding a timeless balance between trendsetting design with longevity style and functionality.

Add colour

Summer is a very pretty time of the year filled with eye catching colours, and we have seen these colours attract the senses in new renovations and remodels. The idea of experimenting with colour may scare a few of you off especially if the first pallet that came to mind was the 1970s pastel pinks and greens, we don’t blame you there! We aren’t letting you down here though, there are light and bold colour schemes that come with longevity and style.

Allowing these colours to stand out is key, with vibrant colours it comes easy for them, but it is very important they don’t become over bearing. Seen with this beautiful mosaic aqua blue wall tile is paired with charcoal floor tile, even by this photo below you can see the splash of blue is not over powering, but it is the perfect stand out for this summer.

Step into the jungle

Much like the scenic Japanese Zen rain forest we are inspired by the greenery of our summer months; creating a fresh new look with natural styling. We said at the beginning of the year that our bathrooms will feature more natural raw materials such as timber, the greenery is no exception.

We personally have seen some of our clients start with small house plants on a shelf or vanity space, even such a small feature can bring life to your bathroom. While braver choices feature large tropical plants in a master bathroom, we were lucky to have noticed a beautiful set of flowing plants all around the bath. It may not be everyone’s first choice but wow its mesmerizing. 

Thank you to Lisa Moyneur for this awsome photo.


Find your zen

Our perspective on the use of bathrooms have been among the biggest changes in bathroom trends. Adelaide bathrooms have altered from a clinical space used to check off morning and night time routines into luxury spaces used to indulge the senses and separate ourselves from the outside world. Whether you feel this way in a breathtaking bathtub soaked in warm water or standing under a steamy rainfall shower leaving you to feel like your best self. For these reasons we see a new style of relaxation finding its way into your designs.

Finding your Zen takes us to Japanese inspired culture where calming, meditative environments are so profound. A renovated bathroom is the perfect place for a Zen-inspired journey as you enjoy your long, warm bath. A Zen bathroom doesn’t just stop inside, having access to nature is a major feature of the Zen aesthetic as it lets the outside environment in through large windows.

Darker tones are earning respect

Dark colours were becoming taboo in a bathroom, possibly because family bathrooms began downsizing and more ensuites were being introduced. Now the trend is moving to larger bathrooms that can benefit from darker shades. Darker tones are beginning to be sourced through floor tiling, elegant cabinets, matte black fixtures and fittings and painted accent walls and we are loving that this style might just be here to feature as a new year trend.

I recall my parents having a black on black on black bathroom, as clearly as I remember that bathroom from my childhood, I don’t think that will make a comeback! We aren’t saying for you to order a stack of black tiles and a matte black bathtub, there are more creative ways to embrace the darker tones and that is not limited to blacks and greys; dark blue is probably the hottest colour this summer in our bathrooms and home interior designs.

We believe that there are so many options for your Adelaide home and bathroom, and one idea we still can’t get enough of are the Zellige square tiles featured below, in the dark tones this can really be the hero piece of your bathroom.

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