When renovating in Adelaide, it is important to put effort into those seemingly minor items during the renovation process, they can make a huge difference when finishing up your home.

We tend to focus on items that will have the greatest visual impact: colour scheme, flooring, tapware, kitchen cabinetry, etc. However, there are often a few minor considerations that aren’t given enough thought, and result in homes that never feel quite right.

Skirting board

Summer is a very pretty time of the year filled with eye catching colours, and we have seen these colours attract the senses in new renovations and remodels. The idea of experimenting with colour may scare a few of you off especially if the first pallet that came to mind was the 1970s pastel pinks and greens, we don’t blame you there! We aren’t letting you down here though, there are light and bold colour schemes that come with longevity and style.

Allowing these colours to stand out is key, with vibrant colours it comes easy for them, but it is very important they don’t become over bearing. Seen with this beautiful mosaic aqua blue wall tile is paired with charcoal floor tile, even by this photo below you can see the splash of blue is not over powering, but it is the perfect stand out for this summer.

Light switches

Still seen as mostly functional and so often comes last on the priority in a renovation. While there is nothing wrong with standard white builder switches, more elaborate designs are welcome. With manufactures and designer pushing the boundaries creating sleek and stylish products. Antique-looking brass switches, as an example, are a wonderful addition to period homes.

Glass switches are increasingly popular, especially in contemporary homes. They come in different colours and finishes to match your interior.

Grout colour

Thoughtful consideration is often given to the choice of tiles, but there isn’t much thought given to the colour of the grout. This is commonly a decision left to the builder or tiler. Often, the grout should be selected to match the colour of the tiles, so it doesn’t stand out and visually break the continuity of tiling.

On other occasions, grout can be used to bring contrast and patterns to a tiled area. A dark grout against white subway tiles is a strong trend as a feature wall of the bathroom. Not only does it bring interest, but it is easier to maintain than white grout which can discolour over time.

On a multicoloured tiled area, too, grout can either match one of the colours or it can be a contrasting shade to better enhance the pattern created by the tiles.

Practicality of vanity top material

Dark colours were becoming taboo in a bathroom, possibly because family bathrooms began downsizing and more ensuites were being introduced. Now the trend is moving to larger bathrooms that can benefit from darker shades. Darker tones are beginning to be sourced through floor tiling, elegant cabinets, matte black fixtures and fittings and painted accent walls and we are loving that this style might just be here to feature as a new year trend.

I recall my parents having a black on black on black bathroom, as clearly as I remember that bathroom from my childhood, I don’t think that will make a comeback! We aren’t saying for you to order a stack of black tiles and a matte black bathtub, there are more creative ways to embrace the darker tones and that is not limited to blacks and greys; dark blue is probably the hottest colour this summer in our bathrooms and home interior designs.

We believe that there are so many options for your home and bathroom, and one idea we still can’t get enough of are the Zellige square tiles featured below, in the dark tones this can really be the hero piece of your bathroom.

Storage in entries or hallways

Entries are getting bigger and are more and more designed to make a strong visual statement. While it is important to feel good about your home as soon as you walk in, it is also crucial to think of your entrance as a functional space. When you enter your home, you might want to drop your handbag or coat, take your shoes off, leave your keys and sunglasses. Good entries are ones that address your needs in terms of both practicality and look.

Not all entries are rooms on their own. Often, they are limited spaces that are open to other areas. Maximise storage with narrow cabinets that can accommodate shoes, keys and other knick-knacks. Chose materials that are in line with the finishes of the adjacent rooms, and dress your space with relevant decorative items such as vases, artwork, a table lamp, mirror, etc.

A long narrow entry doesn’t leave much space for anything. However, when building, you might want to consider fitting in concealed floor-to-ceiling cupboards along it, as opposed to a standard wall. This trick will provide essential storage without any visual overload.

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