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Tile Trends of 2018

We wanted to take our time compiling the tile trends of 2018 from your bathrooms; we have noticed the following sets of tiles being requested at an increasing rate. It sees reworked classics and modern styles continue to lead the way for bathroom décor and modelling. What we have noticed is that design in bathrooms has become less about consistency and more about embracing variations and unique imperfections. In 2018 we are celebrating the intense mix of organic materials and their distinct design.

Terrazzo tiles

It’s your turn to celebrate if you have been waiting for this unique style to come back since the 40s! Finally, Terrazzo tiles are back and they have already gone beyond the bathroom floor, often featuring in the décor of the remainder of the home. In 2018 Terrazzo tiles has once again become modern because of the different colours such as the dark greens and the pastel yellows coupled with blacks that are now being featured in bathrooms in Australia. 

Reworked subway tiles

It’s difficult to think of a bathroom trend list without subway tiles but for them to feature in the list in 2018 they needed a makeover. Clients are now demanding them to be longer, leaner and texturised; creating fresh patterns and looks that catch the eye without drawing on nostalgia. Try finding black clay brickwork tile, pairing it with a dark grout and don’t be scared going floor to ceiling in your bathroom. A secret between you and I…using the tiles vertically along a wall of your bathroom using slight imperfections will be the pattern that can rescue the subway tile and your bathroom.

Timber look tiles

The timber look tiles have continued to be in trend for a while now, showing signs of slowing down the variations of colour and the imperfections of natural timber has brought the natural timber look back to life in the bathroom. The timber look tiles continue to be the perfect option for the majority of your bathroom walls or as a unique feature over your freestanding bath.

Zellige tiles

Traced back to Morocco the Zellige tiles are a natural look glazed, coloured terracotta tile; they have a shimmery yet organic texture and are popping up in bathrooms around Australia. Drawing similarities as in its popularity and structure form subway tiles this can be your way to not play it safe and choose something outside the square…

Coloured penny round tiles

Penny round tiles have been an underused staple in modern homes, and we aren’t sure why; but with their new softer, moodier pastel colours mixed with darker emerald colours like the darker greens and blues gives the penny’s an elegant new touch. Suiting smaller bathroom that doesn’t often receive the most natural light. When using coloured penny round tiles remember they are creative enough to cover a full space yet colourful and vibrant to create just a feature.