What we are looking forward to in the summer of 2018/19 and what it means for your bathroomadd some colour

We have seen some exciting designs and trends as our clients have been remodeling their wet spaces and our excitement only elevates when we think about the summer months we are arriving into now. The summer periods can often turn trends upside down as it leads us into a new year; much like the Australian summer our predicted trends are ready to have a bit of fun while focusing on bettering you. Read more




Our tips for heating your bathroom this winter

blog bathroom.jpgEnjoying a warm bath or shower are simple luxuries in life and there shouldn’t be a reason to let that moment fall short if you are stepping out into a cold bathroom. There are options that can be relatively inexpensive or expensive, but you can soon understand that they are bathroom improvements that are worth having. Read more




Tile Trends of 2018


It sees reworked classics and modern styles continue to lead the way for bathroom décor and modeling.

What we have noticed is that design in bathrooms has become less about consistency and more about embracing variations and unique imperfections. In 2018 we are celebrating the intense mix of organic materials and their distinct design. Read more




Tile Trends of 2017

Wooden tile look bathroom renovation

Interior trends suggest that homes will allow natural warmth to feature throughout one's interior designs; tiles in 2017 will follow similar trends in bathrooms design. Earthy style materials met with modern accents and stylistic design is what you want to feast your eyes on and sink your teeth into. Read more




Interior Trends of 2017 

Green Wall

It looks as though 2017 is the year to question the thought of longevity.

As we say goodbye to a year that was littered with underdog stories and fairytales that prospered across the globe, interior trends may follow the same suit in the New Year. Will these interior trends be given a chance to have their own Cinderella story? Read more



Budget Management of a New Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is more often than not regarded as a grand sanctuary where one could relax after a long day's work. This area is mostly subjected to renovations. In any attempt of a New Bathroom Renovation, you need to know the fact that you have to prepare your bathroom renovations on a budget. You could start with DIY solutions to intricate detailing done by the professional contractors. Read more


Complete Bathroom Renovation: It’s your bathroom, design it your way!

When it is about our homes, we want to make sure that they are comfortable, cosy and above all, matching our personal taste. As an owner is only too aware, with time we can be bored with our décor, causing the want for redecoration or in some of the cases, even a Complete Bathroom Renovation. Read more


Bathroom Design and Remodeling in Australia – A short note

So, it is now time to remodel your bathroom and you want to proceed with the finest bathroom design you can envision. What do you do and where do you start your Bathroom Design and Remodeling?. Read more


Small Bathroom Renovations in Australia – A short note

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean that it cannot be renovated into a light airy space which will feel luxurious. Depending on your budget there are various ways to carry out Small Bathroom Renovations. Read more


Top 5 tips on how to calculate Bathroom Renovation Cost

A bathroom renovation cost is never too much. For that reason, it is a good idea to determine it before you start throwing out the existing one in sequence to determine whether you can really afford it or if it’s a better idea to wait for a few months and collect enough money. The call is yours, so take your time before deciding as it a room that you frequently use on a daily basis. Read more


Tips to Consider When Hiring a Bathroom Renovation Company

In the past, you can rely on a particular Bathroom Renovation Company to help you out with improving or remodelling. This means that if you want to have your bathroom renovated, you can hire a trusted or long-time contractor to do this job. Read more


Bathroom Designs in Adelaide - Design your Bathroom on your own!

Do you want to design your bathroom on your own? You should! Today, Bathroom Designs in Adelaide are available in plenty. The present-day bathroom is much more than merely a room for grooming and a place to ponder and read. Bathrooms can be a fantastic place for home exercise equipment and a good music system or television, for case in point. Read more


Bathroom Design and Remodeling in Adelaide

Truly, bathroom design and remodeling in adelaide along with kitchen remodeling are the two major home improvements projects made by most Australians, as of today. Read more


Tips for Small Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide

If you have a very small bathroom, trying to fit everything in the space available is like doing an enormous crossword puzzle. Small Bathroom Renovations in adelaide are a tricky job. Read more


How to Determine Bathroom Renovation Cost in Adelaide?

Bathroom renovation is never a reasonably priced undertaking. For that reason, it is a great idea to calculate your Bathroom Renovation Cost in Adelaide before you start throwing out the existing one for determining whether you can afford it or if it’s a better idea to wait a few months to amass enough money. It is impossible to compute bathroom renovation cost to every cent as with most home improvement projects, there is always a chance of unlikable surprises which are impossible to forecast before the renovation project. Read more


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