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Trends of 2017


It looks as though 2017 is the year to question the thought of longevity.

As we say goodbye to a year that was littered with underdog stories and fairytales that prospered across the globe, interior trends may follow the same suit in the New Year. Will these interior trends be given a chance to have their own Cinderella story?

Green is toning up to be the colour of 2017

After being out of designs for decades, 2017 could see a return of an earthy colour through feature walls and feature colours.



Terracotta: making a return?


Warm and natural appearances within interior designs in 2017 will be the trend and the clay look of the terracotta tiles may make a return within floor 


tile renovations.
















Cork becoming a flexible contestant for trend of 2017

Once popular for flooring, and following its fall out of fashion, we now see it as wall coverings. A functional yet stylish design.

wall 1


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